Wheel Repair Training
IntDent offers an exclusive 2 and 3 Full Day Wheel Repair Training Program. Our training program is always One on One with a Master Wheel Repair Technician and it is always hands-on (the best proven way to learn).  Our students watch the Master Technician in steps to ensure that the process is mastered and the student in turn is expected to roll up their sleeves and try each step themselves (of course, repeatedly until mastered).  This hands-on process ensures that the student is learning and the Master Technician can assist the student in areas the student is struggling with or doesn't understand.  

Our students are excited to come to our training program because they get to work on real vehicles and have real life situations with wheels.  The wheels are from real vehicles and real customers.  If this is the trade you want to learn, wouldn't you want the entire experience to be real?  You will be out in the field with the Master Technician and they will be teaching you the importance of interacting with customers or clients (customer skills play an important role in not only gaining but maintaining a successful business).  

All of our programs are designed with the student in mind.  They are particularly suited for each students’ individual needs.  We understand that each student learns at a different rate and that their previous knowledge base can vary from experienced to little or no experience at all.  The program offers lots of flexibility (from accommodating dates to the number of days needed and/or amount of future support needed).  

Wheel repair is one of the most profitable trades out there in the market today.  The training cost and the amount of billable work one can pursue in as little as two days after training makes for Wheel Repair a Great Investment with a Great Bottom Line Return.  Now, more than ever, accounts and customers everywhere want to ensure their vehicles are cosmetically up to par because they realize it directly affects the value of their vehicles.  Wheel Repair is a great auto reconditioning service that can be a stand alone business or simply an add-on business to other reconditioning services already offered. 


Reasons to choose intdent wheel repair training program

  • The entire program is One on One with a Master Technician.  We only schedule one student at a time.  We want to dedicate our time to the student.  We have found that it is the most effective training method.  The student becomes comfortable enough to ask questions and has the necessary attention from the Master Technician.

  • It is one of the most Affordable hands-on training programs out there today because we keep in mind that the student is trying to start a business or adding it on and who wants the burden of a very expensive training program that will make for a difficult return on the students investment.  We want our students to be successful!  Our programs reputation is more important than our profit!  We can relate to the struggle of starting a new business (we’ve been there). 

  • We teach the step by step process to cosmetically repair a variety of wheels with a variety of damage such as scuffs, scratches, curb rash, etc.

  • The training program includes all the supplies needed to start repairing wheels.  When you leave the training, you will be able to start doing billable work with your new profound knowledge and supplies provided.  There will not be hidden costs or attempts to up sell our students.  We treat our students like family.

  • Our Students receive a one of a kind IntDent Training Certificate after successful completion of our program.  Remember, our training is guaranteed.  If you feel that you have not mastered the Wheel Repair Training in the 2 or 3 days than we will increase the training days at no additional cost to you.

  • Future support is always available!  You can call us!  We’ll be happy to hear from you if you have any questions, concerns, unique situations, need advise, or just to say hi and brag about your success.  Were Here For You.

  • At IntDent we strive to provide the very best Wheel Repair training.  We are located in the beautiful scenic Albuquerque, NM.  Where we have great weather, friendly faces, and a variety of site-seeing available locations for after training hours. 
  • Please keep in mind that we can combine training programs to meet your specific needs.  If you would like to learn another auto reconditioning service or all auto reconditioning services that Intdent provides we can make accommodations.  We currently offer training programs that include Paintless Dent Repair, Interior Repair, Headlight Repair, Windshield Repair, and Touch Up.  All of our programs our 100% One on One and Hands-On.
Call us for pricing and class availability today!  Toll Free:  1-800-372-6614